Window and Door Facts to Make you Ready for an Upgrade

New or upgraded windows or doors either in a new or old home look great. Besides the aesthetic benefits, upgraded windows and doors especially aluminum French doors allows more light and air and increase ventilation. Here are some windows and doors facts that might help you decide on window or door upgrade.

Window types

Aluminum or metal frames such as aluminum French doors are very strong doors and windows. They’re almost maintenance free. However because it’s made of metal, and metal is a very insulating material, it is installed with thermal break. A thermal break is usually an insulating plastic strip that installers place between the inside and the outside of aluminum windows or doors’ frame including the sash.
Composite frame

Windows and doors’ composite frame is made of composite wood product like laminated strand lumber or particle board. The advantage of these windows and doors unlike aluminum such as aluminum French doors are its thermal property is similar to wood, which has better moisture and decay resistance and has strong and stable structure.

Fiberglas frame

Fiberglass windows and doors have air cavities that are filled with insulation that allow superior thermal performance. Structure is dimensionally stable.

Vinyl frames

The main material is polyvinyl chloride or PVC, Installers usually use UV or ultra violet stabilizer as sunlight protection, one great advantage is vinyl frames do not require painting so it’s a cheap door and window upgrade.

Wood frames

Wood window and door frames are known for great insulation however unlike an aluminium sliding door, a wood door oftentimes expand or contract depending on weather condition. They also require maintenance however, aluminum installers upgrade wood doors or windows with aluminum cladding to reduce maintenance requirements.

When to upgrade or change your windows or doors

If there’s excessive noise from the outside, it’s a sign your door needs upgrading. If the wood door is rotting or has moisture damage, doors not opening and closing easily, and there’s air leaks or drafts. High energy consumption is also a sign your door and window has poor thermal insulation and an upgrade is on the way. If here is condensation build up or fogging, you’re heading to some window and door upgrades.

Here’s to give you an idea how installation of aluminum door/window is done.
Installers measure your window/doors, the height and length of the door and the opening in the wall, lifting the aluminum door or window into place and once in place, the spirit level is checked and packers are put under the spirit level to make it flat and after this flushing is done, then, attaching the window/door follows.

With these facts, are you now ready for an upgrade?

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