What Is Enhanced Laser Skin Therapy Can Do For You

Enhanced skin therapy is a procedure that treats skin damage and wrinkles in a gentle manner. The treatment is applicable to hands, neck, chest, aside from the face. It is also used for acne scars removal. The treatment uses a technique where in the skin’s layers are not touched. No part of it is removed. It involves a laser that corrects the irregularities of the skin in a gentle manner. It also encourages the body to produce the necessary amount of collagen that helps smoothens the irregularity.skin_therapy1

A topical anesthetic may be required by the dermatologist depending on the treatment. For wrinkle treatments, the anesthesia is applied on the area to be treated. In most cases, an anesthesia is not necessary. But understandably, some patients want anesthesia applied on their skin. Then a cold lotion is applied.

The laser is then applied on the skin and the treatment begins. Patients claim that it felt like warm pulses on their skin. This almost painless skin treatment is perfect for acne scars removal.

After the treatment, patients need to apply a sunscreen on a daily basis. For women, it is safe to apply make-up especially if they have to go to work.  There’s no downtime after the treatment. It means the patient can go attend to her daily activities right after. Patients can have their acne scars removal on their lunch break and go back to work or school looking renewed.

Skin redness is a natural occurrence after treatment. Some patients have it for just a few hours while others last for a couple of days. There are some patients who may experience having darker pigmentation after the treatment. It usually lasts for a few days.  The effects of skin rejuvenation treatments are gradual and slow. So the effects do not show immediately. It takes time.

Enhanced laser skin therapy usually lasts about an hour. But it all depends on what type of treatment. In patients with acne, it depends on how big the afflicted area is. In some rare cases, the patients have to come back a few times to get the full results.

The treatment is perfect for those who want to have healthy skin but fear pain. It does not cost much to have their skin repaired and rejuvenated. The best part is that it does not require the need of needles and scalpels to open the skin of the patient.

The skin is always exposed to dirt and the sun, and for some people, they are prone to acne and such other skin related diseases. For treatment of any skin-related disease that requires laser therapy, then go to http://www.enhancedlaser.com.au/.

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