Why Are Coffee Body Scrubs Good for You?

When taken in moderation, coffee is healthy for the body. This is why apart from being taken as a beverage, coffee is also used as a body scrub, an essential oil, and a flavoring agent for a lot of dishes and desserts. There are many kinds of coffee preparations that can be enjoyed by all the senses, but the scrubs are an interesting addition.

coffee_body_scrub1Coffee is made from beans that have been ground up to different textures. You can have finely ground coffee or coarser ones if you prefer. These are of course, not the instant variety that a lot of people buy in grocery stores. After the essence of the coffee is expressed from the beans, the grounds can still be used to make a body scrub. Scrubs are mixed with oil and other ingredients like sugar or honey to make it even more beneficial to the skin.

Coffee is a particularly good kind of scrub to use because it has caffeine. The element that makes coffee energizing in the morning is what makes scrubs like these a favorite. Caffeine revitalizes the skin and removes dead skin cells. This exposes softer, glowing skin that makes a person look years younger than their real age.

The act of scrubbing also agitates the cells and stimulates them produce new ones. Additionally, the scrubbing motion also makes skin pinkish and soft. Some people also like to add coconut oil to the mix in order to create coconut coffee scrubs. The rich, thick coconut oil is very healthy for the hair and skin. It is anti-bacterial, moisturizing, and best of all, it is natural. It is so good that you can drink coconut oil on its own or use it to cook. It is great as a salad dressing as well. Imagine if you take two things that are very healthy and use it all over your skin, you will undoubtedly be giving it much needed therapy and pampering.

Apart from scrubs, you can also use coffee as a body balm. This can be used in place of lotions and creams. Balms are almost solid in consistency and are thicker than pastes or serums. You can apply it from the roots of your hairs to the tips of your toes. You will not only feel luxurious and moisturized, you will also smell so good!

Coffee scrubs are not only good for relaxation or as a beauty regimen. It is a healing and energizing treatment that you can give yourself or a loved one every now and then.

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