Representation and Services Industry – How it is Helping Member Industries in Complying to its Functions and Obligations

Representation and services is an industry that helps members of industries and organizations in supporting their particular needs and demands involving training, compliance to requirements and regulations. The transfer of traditional responsibilities of an organization to a representation and services help reduce not only the operation expenses but as well as tapping the best performance from its industrial relations needed by the organization and in compliance with health and safety regulations mandated by law.building_industry4

How it works

Representation and services industry works as taking over aspects of the organization services including technology through materials and labor, basic services such as cleaning and maintenance, legal and documentations such as contracts. It is also involved in delivering services in areas pertaining to industrial relations or the employer-employee relationship without being part of the organization but through contracts and agreements. The business is able to deliver the services in a lower cost while enjoying competitiveness through contracting the administrative services and other core activities. Due to compliance to regulations, representation and services conduct training courses such as apprenticeship programs and skills-related training and courses like waterproofing courses, carpentry or masonry for construction business.

Why it is a business solution

The primary reason why business is opting to representation and services companies is cost-saving. It reduces the expenses of hiring employees to do accounting, and HR services and other industrial-relation concerns.  The second reason is to improve service delivery.  A business and organization may face problems of difficulties of hiring suitable staff and with a representation and services, an organization can function as an equipped  and well-staffed business and enjoy an  in-house efficiency and effectiveness without hiring actual employees or workers.

Benefits it offers

Improved services result from managerial and technical expertise delivered by a representation and services industry. The improved services also springs from the specialization and experience tendered by the representation and service company working as service provider of an organization. A small construction for example need not worry on its builders warranty simply by having an agreement with a legal service representation company with specialization in construction and real-estate.

Every business has its own function and delivers services accordingly to its kind and category and in order to comply with its needs and demands, it has to apply particular solutions. Applications of business solutions involve tending of expenses. With all the possibilities of cost-saving solutions of a representation and services, a business finds great business solutions that in every way serve as bargaining way in functioning as real and completely a business organization.

In the construction industry, it pays to be a member in a builders association. This association will serve as a mediator or representative of the worker. For more details, visit

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