Sleep Better Naturally

Not getting enough sleep? Here are something you can do to stop reaching and popping the pill and get in the natural way to deep sleep that you badly need to stay fit and healthy.

Prepping for bedtime all day long

Many are taking sleep for granted and you would just hit the bed when it’s time to do so. This bad thought on hitting the bed is the culprit why many struggle. Prioritizing sleep by prepping it through the day allows one to achieve the benefits of hitting the RAM stage, natural-sleepwhich is what sleep scientists called the deep sleep. It is done by infusing waking hours with meditation in the form of yoga or breathing exercises. When one is paying attention to what he eats and when, one helps prep the minds to better sleep. Taking fresh air before hitting the bed also invites sleep hormones and gets one ready for bed.

Don’t just set but follow strictly a bedtime routine

If you set a bedtime routine, make sure you follow it strictly. When meditating before sleeping, make it regular every night. If you turn down the bedroom lights an hour before, let it be your signal on hitting the bed, to slow down your mind and body, and drift you into deep sleep. So, have a normal and regular sleep schedule to deserve quality sleep every night.

A cup of chamomile tea helps

Chamomile has sleep inducing properties and it’s recommended by health gurus for better sleep. Drinking a cup will help avoid caffeine that disrupts sleep patterns and what’s causing sleeplessness. You can also reach for other herbals with same benefits as with chamomile tea.

Kick technology out of the bedroom

No technology in bedroom please, if you want to sleep better. Put away phones and other electronic devices that will keep you drooling over photos and posts. Make the bedroom a sleep sanctuary by keeping it a spot for peace and meditation and you’ll definitely reap the benefits of having enough sleep like good skin, alert mind, and happy disposition.

Replace warn milk with super food-packed juices

It’s time to replace warm milk with juices, as juices are packed with nutrients that are needed in the restorative process that’s happening during sleep. Juice experts are sharing the notes of the detox power of juices during sleep and its role as big proponent in refueling the body system. So drink your juices instead of warm milk and wake up the next morning feeling like superhuman.

Set your body alarm for sleep and waking hour

Sleep experts recommend setting a consistent bedtime for around two weeks. This is enough for the body to adjust to the sleeping time and waking up hour causing one to sleep and wake up the same time everyday without setting the alarm clock. The key is to be consistent so that the body sleeps and wakes up on its own.

Sleep experts tell us popping the pill isn’t a healthy option and there’s natural way to end sleeplessness, and following these tips surely leads to natural, regular and pill-less good night sleep.

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