Special Moments To Capture On Your Wedding Day

A wedding day is a very special occasion and you’ll want to remember all of its special moments. That’s why you’ll want to coordinate with your Manhattan wedding photographer about the particular parts of the wedding that you want to highlight. A wedding can be a small or large, but each has their own special events that you’ll want to commemorate and remember for years to come.

This is why, when looking for wedding photographer in Manhattan, one of the first things you should ask is whether they have the experience for it. Experienced wedding photographers often already know what pictures to take and how to frame them so that they look great.

However, even a first-rate Manhattan wedding photographer will need special instructions if you want your wedding to be documented the way you want it to. This is especially so if you have a grand wedding. Such events can take hours and knowing exactly when to focus their efforts can help a wedding photographer greatly.

Here are some of the special moments that you definitely do not want to miss when it comes to taking photos.

Waking Up

The dawn of your wedding day is something special, marking the last moments of your single state. That’s why when you talk with a wedding photographer in NYC, arrange for them to take a few candid shots of you sleeping on the morning of the big event.


Another special event that your NYC wedding photographer should not miss is the preparations. Whether it is the bride dressing up in her dress or the groom in his formal clothes, preparation pictures are an important part of the day. These should be candid shots, with all of the emotion showing through.

The Walk Down The Aisle

When the wedding march sounds, you’ll want your photographer to be turning their lens to the door as the bride prepares to walk down the aisle. If you chose the best wedding photographer possible, they would take a picture of the exact moment that the bride and the groom see each other for the first time that day. That’s a memorable moment right there.

The Vows

The big event is when the vows are exchanged. Though video has superseded a lot of other options for this moment, photos are still a great way to remember it. The vows, the rings, and the kiss should be something found in your wedding album.

The Dance

To end it all, you’ll also want a picture of the first dance at the reception. That’s a sweet moment that you’ll want to treasure forever.

With the right photographer, these events during your wedding day should be immortalized in your wedding album.

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