2016 New Fitness and Health Trends to Watch For

Everybody is looking forward on the best things to come in 2016, and in the world of wellness, health, and fitness there are lots to anticipate on. Here are some of the trends that we might see dominating the wellness, health and fitness scenes.

First, the “Superfood”, now the “Superherbs”

We have seen how superfood has dominated the health and fitness world and it looks like in 2016 we’re all being introduced to superherbs. Superherbs are plants that are said to have super powers in helping the body not just for fighting off stress but more in adapting and handling it in a healthy way. This is why they’re called adaptogens. Adaptogenic herbs like moringa, maca and ginseng lead the pack, and that wellness and fitness promoters are prescribing them to help with stress and health issues. Many are attesting to its effectiveness and are swearing they really work.

Minerals getting special attention

Vitamins are enjoying the glory however this 2016, minerals are getting the attention of health specialists and are calling them as the star of the moment. Many are struggling with ailments of modern life such as stress, sleeplessness and indulgence on bad stuff like caffeine, nicotine, high fats and sugar, and these caused the body to be depleted of mineral levels. With special mention on magnesium, which is linked to health issues on muscles and bones as well as in controlling productions of chemicals and hormones responsible for the well-being of body organs and functions. Magnesium is important in regulating blood pressure, in keeping the immune system strong that’s why it’s earning the tag as darling of the minerals. 2016 is predicted to be the year to see people re-mineralizing either through supplements or engaging in magnesium rituals like soaking in Epsom salt or magnesium hot bath to increase magnesium levels. Expect 2016 to see fitness spa with facilities and offer of magnesium wellness and fitness.

Intense fitness programs

Getting into fitness reboot is increasing its popularity but 2016 is setting in more intense fitness programs that incorporate nutrition and health coaching. This intense fitness program is designed to attract people to recommit to health and fitness. Its attraction is additional attention to muscles gain and lost inches and of better and achievable results. Fitness studios are now with fitness-nutrition combo platter and the so-called bi-annual challenges, which are focusing in committing people to exercise as well as to committing to an eating plan and other healthy habits more than they’ve committed to as these intense fitness program is way beyond the regular timetable such as 8 weeks fitness and lifestyle  reboot.

2016 as seaweeds year

The bioactive substance in this underwater plant is turning health and fitness promoters to go gaga over it.  The reason is that the plant is packed with great nutrients content that is seen to have potentials in fighting off many health conditions and in aiding fitness nutrition. Seaweeds are being eyed as healthy substitute to salt in health food. This 2016, sea weeds are expected to be a dominant player in fitness nutrition and as main ingredients in fitness foods like salads or side dishes.

Trends come and go, and 2016 is setting in new trends in fitness and health, which will last beyond the year, is yet to be seen.

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