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Look better.  Feel stronger.
Achieve more results in less time.
Work with a personal trainer for a fraction of the traditional cost.

Club Fitness Offers

A non-intimidating environment that caters to your individual goals and schedule through customized workout plans that our personal trainers create and supervise for you.

Improve your overall health through proper form, personal attention, and optional nutritional programs like our Lifestyle Empowerment or 25 in 3 which will help you achieve your personal goals.

Stop the excuses and see how the Club Fitness approach can work for you today!

Lose 25 Pounds in 3 Months, and Get Your Money Back*!

Now in its fourth year, our 25 in 3 Program is truly like no other. Hundreds of Peoria area Club Fitness clients have succeeded in losing 25 lbs (or in some cases much more) on our unique 90 day program. A large portion of these Peoria Club Fitness clients have continued their quest for fitness beyond their initial 25 pound weight loss.

Here's the deal: If you lose 25 pounds within your first three months of membership, then the program is FREE! *Requires enrollement in our 25 in 3 Program

Membership Options

At Club Fitness we offer several membership options to fit your lifestyle.

Pay by the session, or join for  6 moths, one year, or 2 years. Couple, family, and corporate discounts are also available.

Choose a membership plan that fits your lifestyle, needs, and budget.  Get started on reaching your fitness goals today!

Club Fitness - Where Personal Training Gives You an Edge!


Results: Before and After photos


As you will see by clicking here, there are some rather dramatic weight loss results achieved through our 25 in 3 Program and beyond. Our stars have not only lost some serious weight but have achieved better physical shape as they did so!



Our members have a lot of experience with the exercise and nutrition plans that Club Fitness has to offer.  They have discovered a healthy lifestyle and want to tell everyone about it.  Hear what our members have to say about their personal stories of weight loss and the health benefits they’ve gained from Club Fitness.